GPMAW 9.20



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Mass spectrometry tables


New features in version 9.20.

Sequence coverage improved (table import).

Download  and indexing utility for databases, DBGet, has replaced DBIndex. This utility can retrieve species-specific sub-databases from UniProt and convert and index these for use by GPMAW. Very user-friendly and configurable. You need access to the Internet.

FastA file digest statistics

Cross-linking, msms fragmentation mass now based on msms window

Small changes in msms fragmentation

Web accession number retrieval drop-down automatically loads sequence

Trim peptide - in Peptide info

Graphical fragment mapper updated.

Peptide mass fingerprint updated

Ms/ms search improved (copy parameter list)

Modification list for Unimod expanded

Conversion of EMBL sequence files to FastA now converts and indexes > 2GB files (index accession number only)

'Close all' menu error fixed.

Mass search can now show disulfide linked peptides (random cleavage/enzyme cleavage)

Protein Explorer fixed and re-designed

Cleavage analysis print fixed

Max number of atoms in a modification increased from 999 to 9999

Mass search of multiple sequences fixed

ClustalW 2 updated, and is now part of the standard installation

Site last updated: February 10, 2019