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The PeakErazor can be downloaded by clicking on the name.

Version 2.01 was posted on August 5, 2005. Includes the Mass defect calibration. for details see the poster below.

You should also get the current erazorlist. Right-click on the name and select `Save target as..´ then navigate to the correct directory and save the file as `keratin.lst´ (it is essential that is has the extension .lst). The peakerazor.exe and the erazorlist (called keratin.lst) have to be situated in the same directory. Additional setup-files will be created on-the-fly.
Note: As the erazorlist is an ASCII file, it is by some browsers downloaded as a .txt file - you have manually to change the name to .lst.

The two files just have to be copied to a common directory, and additional required files will be generated automatically.

Click for an introduction to PeakErazor.

A small manual can be downloaded here.

Additional documentation is available in the form of the poster presented at MPSA 2002, Valiencia. (PowerPoint format).

Book chapter:
K. Hjernø and P. Højrup: ’PeakErazor: A Windows-based program for improving peptide mass searches’, Methods in Proteome and Protein Analysis (Kamp et al. Eds.) Springer Verlag, 2004, 359-370.

The poster presented at the ABRF February 2005 meeting, Savannah, Georgia. This poster introduces the mass defect calibration.


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