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Upgrades of GPMAW
Your license of GPMAW entitles you to free upgrades for 18 month after purchase.
If you are in doubt about the validity of your license, you may contact Lighthouse data on php@bmb.sdu.dk for details (remember to include your license number). If you need additional licenses or buy an upgrade please check the Pricing information.

Download assistant.
As the installation of GPMAW now comes in a number of different flavors, a download assistant is now available. This program will analyze your computer, try to locate an existing version of GPMAW, check for license file, download the correct installer, and activate the install. Download here. (updated to GPMAW version 12.11)

Upgrades of GPMAW:
Please see How to upgrade GPMAW for information.

Information on the most recent version of GPMAW

Version 14.01 is located here.

Version 13.10 is located here.

Version 13.02/13.03 is located here.

Version 13.01 is located here.

Version 13.0 is located here.

Version 12.5 is located here.

Version 12.2 is located here.

Version 12.1 is located here.

Version 12.0 is located here.

Version 11.0 can be found HERE.

Versions from 9.2 to 10.2 can be downloaded from the Download Matrix.

Versions older than 9.0 has information here.

Version 9.51 (~25 MB) V. 9.50 Released in September, 2013. Corrected version 9.51 in Novemrber, 2013.

NOTE: The original version of GPMAW version 9.21 contained an error which made it impossible to view ms/ms fragmentation of peptides if the protein did not have SS linkage defined. The current install has been corrected, but is otherwise identical. The version number is 9.21r1. Please check download details here.

Version 9.21 (~25 MB) Released on October 17, 2012.

Version 9.20 (~21 MB) Released on May 31, 2012.

Version 9.12 (~18 MB) Released on November 5, 2011.

Version 9.11 (~18 MB) Released on September 30, 2011.

Version 9.10 (~18 MB) Released on June 27, 2011.

Version 9.02 (~17 MB) Released on October 31, 2010. Replaces 9.01 and 9.00. 9.01released on September 14, 2010.

Version 8.20 (~15 MB) Released on August 24, 2009.

Version 8.10 (~13 MB) Released on November 30, 2008.

Version 8.00 (~13 MB) Released on December 9, 2007.

For versions older than 8.00, please check this page.

For newsletters on the various versions, please check the Help section.



Standard installation:

What to do when you receive a link to GPMAW download after ordering from Lighthouse data

Other downloads:

Demo version of GPMAW (~21 MB)
A demo version of GPMAW is available for your to try all the features of the program.

Beta version of GPMAW.
It is possible for the end user to test new versions of GPMAW before they are released. These versions will contain new features and error corrections, but the changes are in most cases not documentet.

DBindexer has been updated to v. 1.21. A new quick conversion routine has been implemented. Four quick steps converts and indexes your databases for GPMAW.
1. Select database type.
2. Specify database location.
3. Set options.
4. Press the `GoŽ button.
Furthermore, you can now filter a FastA database based on a list of accession numbers. This will generate a new database with the listed sequences (also in FastA format).
To download press here:
DBindex utility. New version of Mar. 2004. Can now handle the IPI database.
DBindex help file.
Copy both files to the same directory (if using GPMAW it should be the \gpmaw\bin\ directory) and make a link from the DBindex.exe file to your desktop. Alternatively you can call it from GPMAW.

Small freeware programs:

PeakErazor. If you are doing manual peptide mass searches you should test out the PeakErazor software for doing multipoint calibration and junk peak removal.

Fragment analyzer. This is an independent program that, if placed in the \gpmaw\bin\ directory, will be recognized by GPMAW and when called from GPMAW it will transfer the current mass file. If called in standalone mode, only the standard mass file can be used. For details, please see the manual.
Note: Fragment Analyzer is installed as standard in all recent versions of GPMAW.

ProteinXXX. This is the cross-linking function as found in GPMAW v. 7.10 but available as an independently running program (freeware).

MSFileConv. This is a small mass file convertion utility. Converts between mgm, pkx, pkl, and msm file formats. Also generates gpm files for GPMAW / ProteinXXX.

Full GPMAW download:

The full version of GPMAW (version 14.10)  can be downloaded here.

Notice: Without a valid license, this version will run in demo mode!

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