The GPMAW installation assistant.

This small program was made in order to help download and install the various versions of GPMAW.

Although GPMAW only exist in a 32-bit Windows version, the installer is sensitive to whether the computer runs in 32- og 64- bit. You should thus use the appropriate install program.

Download and run the Install Assistant. This will analyse your computer and determine whether it is a 32- or 64-bit Windows. Furthermore, it will try to locate an existing version of GPMAW, and then replace this during install.

Note: you need a license file (gpmaw.lcs) in order to install GPMAW. The program will look for the file in the same directory where it starts. If it does not find one, you can press the ‘Locate .lcs’ button to locate it on your disk. If you have received a file called ‘gpmaw_xxxx_lcs’ you can select this instead, as the install assistant will rename on-the-fly.


Select file to download/install.

The assistant analyses your computer and makes a recommendation (right-hand column) for the version to install. If it is already present (e.g. on a CD) the relevant install buttons will be enabled, otherwise you can press the download button to download and install the relevant program version.


Keep an eye on the bottom is a dialog, where download and install information is given as it progresses.


Press here to download

Site last updated: June 05, 2024