Errors related to UAC

Errors relating to loading and saving files in GPMAW are most often related restrictions in Windows on where you have read and write access.

In the early days of Windows, the user had write access almost everywhere, and GPMAW was by default located in the root of the C: directory (e.g. C:\\gpmaw\bin\) with all files placed in directories below the main \gpmaw\ directory. Later GPMAW was moved to the more correct ‘Program Files’ directory, but still with all files in the same sub-directory, which still worked fine. However, at some point this was (quite correctly) frowned upon by Microsoft, and (with the support of IT-departments) the end user is now in many cases restricted to writing to files in the proper sub-directory of the ‘Users’ directory.

For more information on the directory structure please see here.

The central dialog for the control of default file locations in GPMAW is the ‘Setup | Setup system...’ entry in the main menu, and in the dialog you select the ‘Directories’ tab:


In the top section are listed the default directories currently in use by the program. These can be changed individually either by double-click on the entry or select the entry and click ‘Change directory’, followed by selecting the new directory for the current selection.

You should use this method if you have an older version without the ‘Change file admin’ button.

The easiest way to change default locations is to click the ‘Change file admin’ button.

UAC control

By selecting an option, GPMAW will copy all the relevant files to the new location and save the information in the .ini file. The ‘standard’ setting of this dialog is ‘4’.

If your system behaves strange (i.e. the program seem to save changes to your system) the fault may lie in an old .ini file:

During startup, GPMAW will look for the ini file ‘gpmaw.ini’ (contains all user-defined parameters) in the following places
First: ‘C:\Users\username\Documents\gpmaw\’
Second: ‘C:\Users\Public\Documents\gpmaw\’
Third: [user profile]\AppData\Roaming\gpmaw
Fourth: ‘’C:\Program Files\gpmaw\bin\’

If this is different from your selection on this page, you will have to delete the incorrect gpmaw.ini file. This error can occur upon installation of a new version.


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