Download and installation of GPMAW version 13.02/03

Released on February 16, 2022/August 20, 2022

The present version addresse a few more high-DPI problems of GPMAW. The main part of the update relative to 13.01 is the correction of a number of minor errors. Version 12.03 implements the new Uniprot API, thus enabling the input of sequences from the title line.

The following installation files will all install the same version of GPMAW on your system, but due to variations in Windows and access rights of users, a number of different install programs are presented.

Downloads are for 13.03. The date tag is the same as for 13.00, meaning that all users of 13.00-02 can upgrade.

Upgrade of GPMAW.
Please contact Lighthouse data if you need a 32-bit version of GPMAW version 13.02
Download for installer for 64-bit Windows. (file name ‘GPupdate64.exe’).
This will only install the executable file, help file and documentation. This is the file with the smallest footprint and is recommended for upgrading.. You may also use the full install file below, but remember to copy your license file (gpmaw.lcs).
The update can also be downloaded as an MSI file Click for download.

All install systems mentioned below are full installs and need the license file (gpmaw.lcs) in order to complete installation.
To perform an installation you should download to a temporary directory, copy your license file (‘gpmaw.lcs’) to the same directory, and then activate (double-click) the .exe file.

64-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup64.exe’). Click for download.
Standard installer for 64-bit Windows. You need to include ‘gpmaw.lcs’ file in the same directory as the setup file in order to get a working system. For a 32-bit version, please contact Lighthouse data. Click here for an MSI download.

If you want to have a look at the full manual, you can find it here.


Changes in v. 13.02

  • Digest FastA fixed and 'unique peptides' included.
  • Combine XML files (msms search) fixed.
  • New. Digest report from ms/ms result window
  • 'Mass' column included in Edit modification file.
  • New. MSMS search can now use '[' and ']' for N- and C-terminal variable modifications.
  • Absorption values in sequence info and sequence report could be based on different tables - synchronized.
  • Reports corrected and information expanded.
  • Mass search (F6) fixed.
  • Saving (not) identified spectra moved to 'View mgf' window
  • New. Reduce mgf files to only multihits

Changes in v. 13.03

  • Implemented the new API of UniProt

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