GPMAW 14.10

Installation of GPMAW version 14.10

Released on April 14, 2024.

All install systems mentioned below are full installs and need a license key in order to complete installation.
To perform an installation you should download to a temporary directory, and then activate (double-click) the .exe file. When first run by the end-user, you will need to enter the 25 character license key.

Note: you need administrator rights to install the program

32-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup32.exe’). Please contact Lighthouse data if you need a 32-bit version of GPMAW version 14.10

64-bit installer (file name ‘GPsetup64.exe’). Click for download.
Standard installer for 64-bit Windows.
This file is also available as a zipped file. Click for download.

Upgrading from previous version. As the file structure of the program has changed iit is necessary to make a full installation. User files are not deleted during this upgrade, but you may want to keep a copy of your sequence (.seq), modification files (.mod) and mass files if they have been modified.

For the first-time run, the user is asked to accept a new .ini file. This is strongly recommended as all user files will then be present in a subdirectory of the given users Document directory.

If you want to have a look at the full manual, you can find it here.


Changes in ver. 14.10

  • Sequence information has an extended option for all residues.
  • Edit mass dialog updated
  • UniProt format API change implemented
  • Gravy score total/average
  • An error in Print Coverage issue fixed
  • Add sequence from desktop (in Edit sequence)
  • Access to ClustalW fixed
  • ms/ms search Saving of identified and non-identified spectra in mgf files
  • ms/ms search Saving of hit lists fixed
  • Error in ReduceMgf file corrected
  • A new 'Find modification' function in 'Reduce mgf'
  • Setting sequence font size in side-frame.

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