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Standard installation

From version 14.0 the licensing system has changed from a license file to a 25-character license key, please see here

When you order a license of GPMAW from Lighthouse data, you will receive a download link to a zipped file called “CDcontent_Wxxxx.zip”, where Wxxxx is your license number.

Along with the download link, you will also get password to the zipped file. This password will be 8-10 characters including numbers (e.g. “phony1234”).

    Note: The download link is only guaranteed to be valid for one month. If you need the download after it has expired, please contact Lighthouse data for it to be reinstated.

Download the file by clicking on the received link. Move the downloaded zip file to a location with full access (e.g., C:\Temp)


You may need a zip tool to open the protected file.

A recommended tool is 7-zip which can be obtained from 7-zip.org.

Right-click on the zipped file, and from the pop-up menu you select 7-Zip | Extract files (alternatively Extract Here or Extract to “”)


You will then be presented with an input box asking for your password (the one you received along with your download link:


Enter the password and click ‘OK’. The files will then be extracted to the selected directory.

When you open this directory, you will be presented with the following content


The following files should be present:

    GPMAW.LCS: this is your license file, and essential for installation
    GPMAW.CHK: an internal check-file - not essential
    GPsetup64.exe: The installation file for 64-bit GPMAW. This is the stanard version of GPAMW. Double-click this file to proceed with installation.
    GPsetup32.exe: Installation file for 32-bit GPMAW. 32-bit version of GPMAW - not normally used.
    AUTORUN.INF: Only used when installation takes place from a CD-ROM or USB stick.
    USB: Directory which contains a complete installation of GPMAW. If you have enough access rights on your computer, this may be copied to a USB stick and the file \bin\gpmaw.exe can be executed straight away without installation. Only recommended for testing.
    Documents: The intro and full manual for the current version of GPMAW. These are also part of the installation, but can be accessed here.

Double-click on the GPsetup64.exe file to install GPMAW, and follow directions.

NOTE: You need full administrator rights to install GPMAW on your computer.

If you run into admin problems after installation, please see this page.

Site last updated: July 21, 2023