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GPMAW has existed since 1987, and since then new versions have been released at least once every year. For some time a new version was released every time a new feature was added, but IT-departments are not happy about too frequent updates. So a compromise has been made with a new release 9-12 month apart, and more frequent beta versions, that users with a valid license are free to download.

A list of previous releases going back to 2002 (not all links are active):

September 30, 2011: The new version 9.11 has been released. For changes and new features See the 9.11 upgrade page here.
May 28, 2011: The new version 9.10 has been released. For changes and new features See the 9.10 upgrade page here. Furthermore, a new version of the ‘Dummies Guide’ has been written (download here) - this version has a greater focus on being an introductory manual.
October 31, 2010: Version 9.02 replaces 9.00 & 9.01. For corrections See here.
September 14, 2010: Version 9.01 replaces 9.00. A few minor changes. See here.
September 7, 2010: Version 9.00 of gpmaw has been released. You can read more about it on the Version 9.00 page.
April 7, 2010:
Beta version 8.30b2 for download..
November 01, 2009: Version 8.21 posted. This is a minor update, the most important change is that mass search without enzyme could not be done.
August 24, 2009: Version 8.20 released.
November 30, 2008: Version 8.10 released.
December 9, 2007: Version 8.00 released. The main change in this version is the inclusion of the X! Tandem ms/ms search engine. Note: Service release 1 has been posted, please update your system.
July 2007: Error in loading of sequences from NCBI. The Entrez server on the web has moved, so it is presently not possible to load sequences from NCBI. A fix will be posted as soon as possible.
FIXED: Version 7.10 has been released as Service Release 2 with the sequence retrieval fixed.
February 23 2007: ProteinXXX, the protein cross-linking function of GPMAW 7.10 is available as a separate program for download.
January 2007: Version 7.10 of GPMAW has been released. Also the “Dummies guide” has been updated and can be downloaded in .pdf format.
September 2006: Version 7.02 of GPMAW has been posted on the web site.
August 2006: Two errors were located in version 7.01. A corrected version has now been posted.
February 2006: A new web site http://www.gpmaw.com has been set up (no adverticements!). Please use this in the future as welcome.to/gpmaw is likely to terminate.
February 2006: A minor upgrade 7.01 of GPMAW is now available.
December 2005: GPMAW has been updated to version 7.00.
August 2005: PeakErazor updated to version 2.01 along with manual and more info.
March 2005: Version 6.21 of GPMAW has been released.
Februrary 2005: PeakErazor updated with mass defect calibration and various minor items.
December 2004: Version 6.20 of GPMAW has been released.
June 2004: How to improve on peptide mass searches (PMF). Look in the GPMAW section.
May 2004: Install and use multiple alignment (ClustalW) from GPMAW. See installation guide.
April 2004: Upgrade to version 6.10.
October: Upgrade to version 6.01.
May 28:
Upgrade to version 6.00.
February 24: PeakErazor has been upgraded to version 1.50.
January 03: Web site updated to new style and more content.
Upgrade to version 5.11.
Nov-5-02: DBindex has been updated.
Sep-26-02: Upgrade to version 5.10.
The manual (v. 5.02) is now online. Please go to the Help section.


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